DMARC Email Reputation Management Visibility and Accountability

After implementing DMARC Compliance (double check conformance), your domain will become visible to feedback loops most likely for the first time and therefore accountable. Feedback loops assess your email performance based subscriber interaction compliance. Essentially how many times per campaign has the SPAM or Junk button been clicked.

Domain Reputation (example)

High: expect email delivery to recipient

Low / Bad: Junk / SPAM Folder no delivery


It may seem strange however once a DMARC record is implemented for a domain it is most likely visible for the first time to receiving email servers that contribute to rating your email reputation.

Your domain reputation is critical and will be affected by the technical implementation of your email servers and products using email, the volume of emails flagged as Junk or SPAM, authentication alignment and the alignment of publicly available records such the domain registration and the address on each email.

Make domain reputation monitoring part of your digital strategy with these tools:

Interpreting the information is vital


Email feedback loops and sophisticated technology built to protect email servers from Viruses SPOOF, Phishing attacks, SPAM and Junk mail are monitoring senders of email everytime an email is sent.

Just as you are being held to account for the quality, volume and technical nature of your emails your organization needs to understand the risks associated with certain behaviours that will cause your reputation to quickly decrease

External to the technical requirements these vital practices can make or break a domain's reputation:

  • Contact / Subscriber acquisition - can a digital footprint be shown for subscriber opt-in?
  • Content and relevancy to the recipient
  • Frequency
  • Following these sending best practices

Train your team and report weekly