About Trusted Sender Score

Trusted Sender Score is an easy to understand email domain trust rating to help email users know if a URL (website / email domain) and the use of email by the operator, can be trusted.

When booking a holiday you often check popular advisor type websites for feedback, Trusted Sender Score acts in much the same way. Simply check a domain before subscribing and be cyber aware and secure.

The score is based on a scale of 0 - 10, with 0 being untrustworthy and 10 being the highest trust rating.

Trusted Sender Score is free to use for general users and we have also provided free Cyber Email and Domain Security tools for domain admins so that more domains become safe

Technical metrics are combined with email practices and user feedback to produce a score that can be used to check if a website domain can be trusted.

  • Taking the necessary steps to protect your personal details
  • Preventing their domain from being used to trick you by cyber criminals
  • Follows email sending best practices and won't SPAM you or over email you

All we ask is that you share your experience that you have had with a domain (comments / voting is at the bootom of the Trusted Sender Score result page) and share our App using #tss and #checkitfirst

How else can I use Trusted Sender Score

A domain's Trusted Sender Score can be checked from the web on any device. It can also be added to your web browser if you are using Firefox or Chrome. Please click on the button below.