Download Trusted Sender DMARC Fact Sheets to learn key facts about correct and compliant DMARC conformance for Anti-SPOOF implementations that will protect your domain from email scams and protect your stakeholders from business email compromise attacks.

Why would I need DMARC fact sheets?

DMARC has only one correct and complaint implementation to truly protect your email domain from SPOOF attack. Reaching r=reject may not be enough to protect you especially if your email service provider does not offer and enforce double check conformance. Our FACT Sheets will also help you to explain to your colleagues, clients and suppliers just what you can expect when running a DMARC project and what to look out for.

Which areas of an organization will a DMARC project affect?

A DMARC project effects all areas of an organization that use email. Staff must be aware of the project and most likely have to make necessary adjustments. This is not limited to human initiated emails, it will effect all emails.

For example: If email is is relied upon and your suppliers and customers customers are not authenticated then your commercial agreements should reflect possible areas of failure and shift the liability to the unauthenticated email domain if issues that arise from missing emails, SPOOF / Phishing attacks. Implementing policies for such instances, notices on web sites (such as an Anti-Spoof & Phishing Policy) and email footers is required. Applications that send email must authenticate. Invoices, responders, notifications, email campaigns, everything!

To learn more about how DMARC will effect all areas of your organization read the Ultimate DMARC Project Guide

How long does a DMARC project take?

A DMARC project an take up to 2 years to become compliant and risk adverse. We advise our clients that the average compliant DMARC project takes between 6-12 months. months.

Download more FACTS about DMARC Anti-SPOOF Projects to shar ewith colleagues to ensure you have support and buy-in across your organization

Download more FACTS about DMARC Anti-SPOOF Projects

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