Cyber Security Domain Profile

Last Updated: Jan 14, 2022

This cyber security domain profile for is dormant e.g. non email sending with a cyber security status of Alert showing a 2.38 Trusted Sender Score at Jan 14, 2022.

Does meet secured cyber insurance cyber security requirements?

No the domain does not meet the cyber security requirements for secured cyber insurance and the domain owner should consider using Trusted Sender Network to correct these issues.

Trusted Sender Score

Insufficient steps have been taken to prevent unauthorised use of the domain.


Any email from this domain is likely to be malicious. Final analysis will take between 3-24 hours.

Cyber Security Report

Domain Category: Dormant

What is the Trusted Sender Score for

The Trusted Sender Score for is 2.38

This domain should not send email (dormant).

  • 2.38 can not be trusted and is easily compromised.
  • Sending an email using takes a cyber criminal less than a minute.

Due to the cyber email and domain rating, can easily be spoofed. Use our free SPOOF Test tool to see how.

The administrator of can secure the domain using Trusted Sender Network for free.

There is no Anti-SPOOF policy published which means you have no point of reference if you receive a legitimate or sinister email.

Can I trust email and do you recommend buying or signing up to online?

This domain should not send email (dormant).