Cyber Security Domain Profile

Last Updated: Jan 14, 2022

This cyber security domain profile for is configured to send email with a cyber security status of Verified showing a 6 Trusted Sender Score at Jan 14, 2022.

Trusted Sender Score

This domain is configured to meet our trust and cyber security requirements.


A domain status can change regulary please check the Trusted Sender Score when required.

Cyber Security Report

Domain Category: Email

What is the Trusted Sender Score for

The Trusted Sender Score for is 6

The domain, website and email are secured and can be trusted.

  • 6 is a medium rating which can cause damage.
  • Would not qualify for some secured cyber insurance products.
  • operator is conscious of securing this domain. is partly protected however domains with a score in this range 6 that have not completed a 360° cyber security process that can cause the most harm when compromised.

There is no Anti-SPOOF policy published which means you have no point of reference if you receive a legitimate or sinister email. does not meet the cyber security insurance requirements of some insurance products available.

Can I trust email and do you recommend buying or signing up to online?

The domain, website and email are secured and can be trusted.

Does meet secured cyber insurance cyber security requirements?

Yes the domain meets the cyber security standards for secure cyber insurance.