How To Become a Trusted Sender Score Domain Admin User


Sign up to Trusted Sender Network and secure any domain Trusted Sender Score you administer
How much? Free for a single domain and $20 for 2 domains per month.
Estimated Duration: 10 minutes
Take a 360 degree cyber email and domain security using Trusted Sender Network. Includes inbound protection for any email service, fixes to domain and email configuration at a registrar, DNS and email server level. Analysis of DMARC reports and third party ESP configuration recommendations to ensure your DMARC project is compliant and has no email continuity issues.


Step 1 - Sign up to Trusted Sender Network.

Sign up to Trusted Sender Network and secure any domain Trusted Sender Score you administer


  1. First step is to register as a user.
  2. Visit Trusted Sender Network and click the Sign in / up button and/or links.
  3. Enter your email address (Google users can click the Google Authorization button to add their email), a username and password. Then click register. An email alert confirming the registration was successful will pop up.
  4. Check your inbox (it is unlikely the email is in Junk). You must click on the registration link confirmation.
  5. The link takes you to the Sign-in page. Enter your email and password.

Step 2 - Select your Account Type.

Selecting your Trusted Sender Network Account Type


  1. When signing in after clicking the registration confirmation link you are taken to the Account Wizard.
  2. After clicking the next button you are presented with 3 choices which are:
    • Tools Only - Get access to the spoof testing tool, DKIM wizard, developer encoding tools and DNS Tools
    • Self Manage: For qualifying for secured cyber insurance and managing your domains cyber email and domain security, choose this account option for a single operator or and organization that does not intend to resell or support clients using the application.
    • Client Manager: Prequalify your clients for secured cyber insurance, give IT and Organization access to clients to share reports and domains tasks.
  3. Make your selection and click next.
  4. Complete your details and Account Name. Please note all countries are invoiced in USD. Sales tax may apply to your organization. Australian GST is only available to Australian businesses and individuals.
  5. Click the create button to finalise your new account.
  6. To start using your account for free, use the search box to find your domain. Select the domain and then click subscribe.
  7. Navigate to the Domain Manager feature to verify domain ownership/administration.


Step 3 - Domain Verification

The verification guide will step you through the process


  1. On the Domain Manager page, the verify domain button will help guide you through verification for the 2 domain types :
    • Dormant domain: This is a non email sending domain and is verified using a DNS TXT entry.
    • Email Domain: To verify each email sending domain the verification guide will prompt you to automatically sign up a new user with the postmaster@domain email address. Simply click the link sent to the postmaster@domain email address to verify the user, create the password at new prompt and sign in.
    • Once logged in as postmaster@domain you can approve the request from your account.


The postmaster login for domain verification and access approval


Accessing Gsuite & Office 365 Postmaster Emails


Need access to a web browser


To register as a domain administrator you must use the postmaster@YOURdomain email address associated to the domain you are wish to manage. Therefore, you must have access to emails sent to the postmaster email address for the domain you wish to administer. Once you have access to emails send to postmaster@ simply register here and click on the registration confirmation in the confirmation email.
For domains that use Google GSuite or Microsoft Office 365 we have included a video for each application showing how to access postmaster email addresses.