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Overview: Step by Step instructions on how to use Trusted Sender Score. Trusted Sender Score is an easy to understand email domain trust rating to help email users know if a URL (website / email domain) and the use of email by the operator, can be trusted. When booking a holiday you often check popular advisor type websites for feedback, Trusted Sender Score acts in much the same way. Simply check a domain before subscribing and be cyber aware and secure.



Step 1 - Accessing Trusted Sender Score

Need access to a web browser


The first step when using Trusted Sender Score is best to determine the domain(s) or email address(es) that you want to check at the time of or before accessing the application.

For example or

The three simplest ways to access the app are:

  • Type (with parentheses) "trusted sender" or "trusted sender score into a Google search and click on one or our links; Or
  • Simply type into the address bar; Or
  • Install a web browser extension and enjoy easier checking options Click Here to take you to trusted sender score


Step 2 - Performing a check

image showing preparation


When the application opens you should see the search box.

Before typing or pasting an email or domain it is important to know that no webmail domain such as or can be regarded as truly safe. We explain why on the Webmail Serivce Provider List and Search page.

After clicking check and submitting the domain or email address you will see a score out of 10 displayed.

The score is based on a scale of 0 - 10, with 0 being untrustworthy and 10 being the highest trust rating.

Please read the notice below the score and also check the colour of the score background. The following summarises the outcomes:

  1. Red: A score between 0-4.9 means you can not trust that this domain is the domain that is sending you the email. If you are thinking of acting upon an email you have received we recommend trying to verify the content and the sender. To verify the email, create a new email to the address the email was from and wait for the reply, it is important not to replay as a different reply-to address may have been set.
  2. Amber: An amber score is between 5.0 and 7.0. This will mean that the authentication protocol is good however there are many other email best practices that are not acceptable. We recommend caution and in many cases no to trust the email.
  3. Green: A score of above 7 is trustworthy however many email senders abuse this privilege and send too many SPAM type email unnecssarily. That's why we included the chat thread so we can find out your experience with this domain, good and bad. So please share your comments. you will also notice the Trusted Sender Verification logo appears. This logo is used by email domain owners on their web site shopping and subscription forms to indicate that their

The domain profile is accessible by clicking on the score, please read the next step for more information.


Step 3 - Domain Profile

The Trustewd Sender Score Result


The domain profile is designed for your to see a summary of the key metrics we have used to rate this domain.

The key information is segmented into three key areas so you can choose which is most important to you when evaluating a domain or email.

  • Authentication Results
  • Email & Domain Configuration
  • Subscriber Compliance