Automated Email Reputation Management

After implementing Anti-SPOOF email authentication (DMARC) you will soon find that your domain is being monitored more closely than before. What this means is that major email providers monitor and measure your email activity and the responses to your emails by their users. If your email is perfectly set-up but you have poor email practices (SPAM or junk e-blasts) then your domain will receive a poor reputation causing your email to filter into the junk folder or even prevent it from being delivered.

High reputation domains can achieve high returns. Zulu eDM Auto Reputation Builder is a key component to achieving these results.

Case Study Sample

Below is a client case study where the email domain is protected from SPOOF however the reputation drops. As the set-up of the Trusted Sender program is complete the Auto Reputation Builder begins to take effect and returns the domain to a good reputation.

Auto Reputation Builder comes with every version of Zulu eDM Campaign Manager.